40V BRUSHLESS EXPAND-IT™ Attachment Capable String Trimmer with 4.0AH Battery & Charger

Model: #RY40270 | Home Depot Sku #: 1004559313

The RYOBI 40V Brushless EXPAND-IT™ Attachment Capable String Trimmer delivers the cordless convenience you want with the GAS-LIKE POWERyou need. With attachment capability, you'll be able to transform your trimmer into an edger, blower, pole saw and so much more with RYOBI EXPAND-IT™ Attachments all while saving you time, space and money. It's brushless motor delivers maximum power and durability over time. Now you have multiple cutting options with it's equipped REEL-EASY+™ 3-IN-1 Head. You can reload bulk line in 60 seconds or less, use fixed line inserts and or even serrated bladed for the toughest clearing jobs. With a variable speed trigger and 2-speed switch you can choose between maxium control and run time or maximum power for aggresive cutting. This lightweight and well-balanced design also has an adjustable front handle for user comfort.

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The Most Powerful RYOBI Cordless Trimmer

高清国语自产拍免费视频|拍拍拍无挡视频免费Brushless Motor for maximum power and run time EXPAND-IT™

Attachment Capable for ultimate tool versatility

高清国语自产拍免费视频|拍拍拍无挡视频免费Variable Speed Trigger & 2-Speed Switch for ultimate power control

高清国语自产拍免费视频|拍拍拍无挡视频免费REEL-EASY+™ 3-IN-1 Head reloads in 60 seconds or less

13" - 15" Adjustable Cutting Swath for increased run time or wider cut swath

Battery: 40V 4.0Ah Lithium-ion

Cut Swath: Adjustable 13 - 15"

Motor: Brushless

Line Advancement: Bump, Fixed or Bladed

高清国语自产拍免费视频|拍拍拍无挡视频免费Speed Setting: High & Low

高清国语自产拍免费视频|拍拍拍无挡视频免费Line Size: .080 or .095

Trigger: Variable Speed

Weight: 11.6 lbs.

Warranty: 5 Year Limited

40V Brushless EXPAND-IT™ Attachment Capable Power Head

Straight Shaft EXPAND-IT™ Attachment

高清国语自产拍免费视频|拍拍拍无挡视频免费40V 4.0Ah Lithium-ion Battery

高清国语自产拍免费视频|拍拍拍无挡视频免费40V Battery Charger

REEL-EASY+™ 3-IN-1 Head

Overmold Handle

高清国语自产拍免费视频|拍拍拍无挡视频免费Grass Deflector

高清国语自产拍免费视频|拍拍拍无挡视频免费.095 Replacement Line

Operator's Manual

40 V Power Head - Model ry40007

Published: 01-08-2020
Filesize: 736 KB

40 Volt Lithium-Ion Battery Pack - Model op4015, op4026, op40201, op40261, op4030, op40301, op4040, op40401, op4050, op40501, op40601

Published: 12-10-2018
Filesize: 980 KB

40 Volt Lithium-Ion Charger - Model op404

Published: 08-23-2019
Filesize: 1.51 MB

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高清国语自产拍免费视频|拍拍拍无挡视频免费For those customers that prefer ordering by phone, simply contact the Ryobi master parts distributor at toll free 1-877-545-4110, and place your order over the phone.

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