18V ONE+™ LITHIUM+™ 22" Hedge Trimmer WITH 1.5AH BATTERY & CHARGER

Model: #P2660 | Home Depot Sku #: 1001554062

The RYOBI 22 in. 18v Cordless Hedge Trimmer is perfect for any homeowner! With a 22 in. dual-action blade and a 3/4" cut capacity, this trimmer can handle even the toughest hedges. The unique rotating handle provides accurate cutting at any angle. Best of all, this kit comes with our most advanced 18v Lithium+ battery! This will ensure that you get more run time and fade-free power every time! As with all RYOBI ONE+ tools, this Hedge Trimmer is also backed by the RYOBI 3 Year Warranty!

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RYOBI Lithium+ Hedge Trimmer

高清国语自产拍免费视频|拍拍拍无挡视频免费Works with all Ryobi ONE+ tools and batteries

高清国语自产拍免费视频|拍拍拍无挡视频免费22 in. dual-action blades for extended reach and reduced vibration

Up to 3/4 in. cutting capacity

HedgeSweep debris remover clears clippings as you trim

高清国语自产拍免费视频|拍拍拍无挡视频免费18-Volt Lithium+ battery provides superior performance and an on-board fuel gauge indicator to check battery level

Wrap-around handle for greater cutting control

高清国语自产拍免费视频|拍拍拍无挡视频免费Rotating handle for trimming at all angles

Wall hook for convenient storage

3year limited warranty

高清国语自产拍免费视频|拍拍拍无挡视频免费Power Type: 18-Volt Battery

高清国语自产拍免费视频|拍拍拍无挡视频免费Product Weight: 10 lb.

高清国语自产拍免费视频|拍拍拍无挡视频免费Cut Capacity: 3/4"

高清国语自产拍免费视频|拍拍拍无挡视频免费Blade Length: 22 in.

Hedge Trimmer

高清国语自产拍免费视频|拍拍拍无挡视频免费18v Lithium+ Compact Battery

18v Dual Chemistry Charger

高清国语自产拍免费视频|拍拍拍无挡视频免费Hedge Sweep Debris Remover

高清国语自产拍免费视频|拍拍拍无挡视频免费Operator's Manual

18V Li-Ion Battery Pack - Model p107, p108

Published: 04-30-2019
Filesize: 1 MB

18 Volt Battery Charger - Model p118b

Published: 11-20-2019
Filesize: 1.71 MB

18 Volt Hedge Trimmer - Model p2606

Published: 10-21-2019
Filesize: 3.2 MB

Published: 01-15-2020
Filesize: 1.07 MB

高清国语自产拍免费视频|拍拍拍无挡视频免费Click the link below to access outdoor products replacement parts schematics and order parts online.

高清国语自产拍免费视频|拍拍拍无挡视频免费For those customers that prefer ordering by phone, simply contact the Ryobi master parts distributor at toll free 1-877-545-4110, and place your order over the phone.

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