40V 8" Pole Saw with 2Ah Battery & Charger

Model: #RY40540 | Home Depot Sku #: 1003560472

The RYOBI 40V 8" Pole Saw is extending the limits of limbing and pruning. We've taken all the things people love about our top selling pole saw and made it better with twice the run time of its predecessor. The 8" bar and angled cutting head deliver more cutting control for your toughest limbs. It's automatic oiler make clean, precise cuts every time and extend the life of your chain for seasons to come. The extension pole is convenient and easy to attach, reaching up to 9.5', so you can clean up branches that use to be out out of reach. The RYOBI 40V 8" Pole Saw surrenders nothing but gas.

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GAS-LIKE POWER™ with Cordless Convenience

6.5' - 9.5' Adjustable Pole Length

2X The Run Time - Than Previous Model

Angled Cutting Head For More Cutting Control

高清国语自产拍免费视频|拍拍拍无挡视频免费In-line Motor For Percise Cuts

Automatic Oiler for Convenient Operation

5-Year Limited Tool Warranty & 3-Year Limited Battery Warranty

Battery: 40V 2.0Ah Lithium-ion

高清国语自产拍免费视频|拍拍拍无挡视频免费Bar & Chain Size: 8"

高清国语自产拍免费视频|拍拍拍无挡视频免费Cut Capacity: 6"

高清国语自产拍免费视频|拍拍拍无挡视频免费Length: Adjustable 6.5' to 9.5'

高清国语自产拍免费视频|拍拍拍无挡视频免费Replacement Chain: Y33 .043"

高清国语自产拍免费视频|拍拍拍无挡视频免费Weight: 9.5 lbs.

高清国语自产拍免费视频|拍拍拍无挡视频免费Warranty: 5 Year Limited


40V 8 IN. Pole Saw

40V 2.0Ah Battery

40V Battery Charger

高清国语自产拍免费视频|拍拍拍无挡视频免费Extension Pole

Hex Key


高清国语自产拍免费视频|拍拍拍无挡视频免费Shoulder Harness


Operator's Manual

Pole Saw Attachment - Model ry40050

Published: 05-06-2013
Filesize: 13.4 MB

Published: 04-29-2013
Filesize: 517 KB

40 Volt Lithium-Ion Battery Pack - Model op4015, op4026, op40201, op40261, op4030, op40301, op4040, op40401, op4050, op40501, op40601

Published: 12-10-2018
Filesize: 980 KB

40 Volt Lithium-Ion Charger - Model op404

Published: 08-23-2019
Filesize: 1.51 MB

高清国语自产拍免费视频|拍拍拍无挡视频免费Click the link below to access outdoor products replacement parts schematics and order parts online.

For those customers that prefer ordering by phone, simply contact the Ryobi master parts distributor at toll free 1-877-545-4110, and place your order over the phone.

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